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About Pixel PandemicA browser game studio

Game development

Pixel Pandemic was a Copenhagen based browser game studio. From 2008-2014 we developed a unique game engine technology for persistent browser based MMORPGs which were built to publish our own and 3rd party IPs. Our own major releases include Zombie Pandemic and Mutant Badlands with more than 2.8 mio. registered users across multiple platforms.

Pixel Pandemic was founded in 2009 by Thomas B. Krogh-Jacobsen, Ebbe Haabendal Brandstrup and Kristian Dahl. It started out as a hobby project in 2008 but with the early beta release of Zombie Pandemic it soon attracted a lot attention allowing the founders to go fulltime with the project.

The HTML5 game engine was based on a .NET backend and Pixel Pandemic were among the first game studios worldwide to adopt the Microsoft Azure Cloud technology and be featured as an Azure Microsoft showcase internationally. Publishing deals was negotiated to include both Bigpoint, Wildtangent, PopMog and Kongregate complemented by Facebook.

In 2010 Pixel Pandemic attracted biz angel seed investment enabling the post-revenue version of Zombie Pandemic utilizing the freemium business model. This was later followed by our 2nd game Mutant Badlands in 2011 which was co-financed by CAPNOVA and a 2nd biz angel investment. The company soon grew to be an international team with 13 fulltime employees and 17 freelancers sharing offices with Tactile Entertainment in central Copenhagen.

Other achievements include Pixel Pandemic being selected among the 15 finalists out of 16.000 startups at the Bizspark EU submit in 2012 and being nominated among the 3 finales candidate in the Ernst & Youngs ”Entrepreneur Of The Year” award in the startup category same year.

Zombie Pandemic was also accepted in the Windows Phone App Campus program being among the first titles to launch on Windows Phone.

However the game industry including the browser game segment developed rapidly over those years with increased competition from the larger browser game studios with production costs multiplying. Thus Pixel Pandemic struggled to sustain the cashflow from the aging first two releases and failed to find financing for the development of the 3rd game to scale the business further.
In the early 2014 the founders and investors decided to cease all new development and operate the 2 games as long as the games were profitable ultimately closing down on the 31st of May 2015 scaling down on the headcount gradually while offering the companies consulting expertise as work for hire.

Consulting Services

Pixel Pandemic offer consulting services in web development such as Microsoft .NET, HTML5 and various JavaScript frameworks. Our consulting profiles have extensive expertise in building scaleable and high performing solutions based on Azure Cloud computing. For more info check the Linkedin profiles of our lead developer profiles Kristian and Ebbe.

We also offer digital strategy and online marketing such as conversion flow, landingpage, AB testing, CRM and loyality marketing, SEO and SEM. For more info check the profile of our lead digital business developer Thomas.

Zombie Pandemic and Mutant Badlands has come to an end...

On the 6th of December 2014 Pixel Pandemic suspended all purchase options in the games and announced a shutdown of the games on the 31st of May 2015. You can find a hall of fame ranking list for the top 250 players for each server to be displayed on the game pages.

The founders thanks everyone who contributed to the games over the years and who have enjoyed playing the games with us, in particularly those who have been part of the development team over the years, our biz angels and investor.

Our game portfolio Pixel Pandemic games.

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