Pixel Pandemic game studio is developing a unique game engine technology for persistent browser based MMORPGs which we use to publish our own and 3rd party IPs.

Pixel PandemicOur game engine facilitates advanced quest structures, tile based map navigation, location interactions, NPC interactions and AI, character perks, achievements and skill progression using an advanced combat system. It also features a random game event system and rich multiplayer clan features with community integration. The technology is based on the Microsoft.NET framework utilizing a highly scalable Azure cloud computing infrastructure.

The game engine is used for our upcoming game titles and is currently powering the survival games: Zombie Pandemic and Mutant Badlands

Co-op elements are our focus and the universes are inspired by post-apocalyptic popular cultures; cartoons, books, and movies. Based on illustrations offering rich, yet minimalistic, environments our PBBG (persistent browser based game) format is namely for the “pen and paper” RPG audience: those who like RPG games and being part of a dynamic, online community, but now have less time for long gaming sessions.

Inspired by classic RPG titles, our game design is using and reinventing gameplay logic to facilitate role playing games. Tactical challenges and a rich storyline delivers a multiplayer experience where collaboration against AI controlled opponents are the main premise of the game setup.

Our business model is based on a freemium game model. That is, games which are free to play that offer premium advantages. Games that, using only a few minutes daily, provide persistent game worlds that develop over a course of several weeks or months.

Pixel Pandemic targets an audience of grown-up males who used to be hardcore gamers, but no longer have the time to play. Pixel Pandemic offers advanced, challenging, yet non-time consuming gameplay using a technology that allows various platforms such as browser, Facebook, mobile or tablet while being highly scalable as a cloud enabled platform.

Re-using the assets of the game engine, PP is able to publish multiple games in the browser based MMORPG genre that are highly cost effective, scalable and suitable for cross promotion targeting a rapidly growing market for male casual gamers using a free-to-play business model.